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A leading engineering company with over 12 years of significant contribution to the development of Bahrain

FCMS has seen a continual growth in its operations since it was established back in 2003. The company is based in the Kingdom of Bahrain where most of its projects take place. Our operations have evolved throughout the years as we continue to expand and meet the requirements of our client. Our strategy is simple: to create a community that come together and are determined to achieve innovation and excellent workmanship.

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" Flora maintains an impressive track record and values high client satisfaction"
- Ebrahim Kazerooni, Managing Director

12+ Years

of business operations in Bahrain


major divisions that include mechanical, electrical & civil


employees qualified across our different divisions


departments to run and maintain our operations

Some facts and figures to highlight the size of our operations.

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Our day-to-day business operations

Our daily activities are divided upon our three major divisions that includes mechanical, civil and electrical contracting. Each division mainly deals with the industrial sector of Bahrain such as Alba, Garmco, Banagas, Sulb and so on. Today the company is organised with support departments that include human resources, estimation, design, planning, marketing, quality, production, purchase, finance, health and safety. Each department plays a vital role in our operations. For more information on our list of services, please read here.

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Our QHSE management systems

We recognise the importance of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) policies as they are an integral part of all our operations. Our Integrated Management Systems (IMS) were created to ensure our policies meet our requirements, client requirements, legal requirements and ISO standards. Objectives, controls, training, support programs, rules and regulations are established as we push to be a leader in QHSE performance within our engineering sector. Our policies are communicated to all our employees, suppliers, personal and interested parties as everyone has a role to play when it comes to QHSE standards.