QHSE Policies

Flora Contracting recognises the importance of quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) policies as they are an integral part of all our operations. We have established key policies which actively contribute to the performance and sustainable development of our procedures and services. These policies are communicated to all employees, customers, suppliers and are made available to the public. All our employees are required to participate and comply with all QHSE policies across the various divisions and departments of our company.

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Integrated Management System & ISO Standards

Document, implement and maintain the Integrated Management System (IMS) as per ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements and continually improve its effectiveness and performance.

Quality Assurance

To offer the best quality products and services, understand and achieve customer requirements, their expectations and utmost satisfactions. All products and services are completed and delivered within the specified time frame.

Health and Safety Policies

Prevent injury and ill-health by implementing controls and ensure all reasonably practicable efforts are made to safeguard our employees, customers, visitors, contractors and members of the public who may be affected by any activities and operations. Health and safety policies are in line with our Integrated Management System, ISO standards and local health & safety laws and regulations.

Environmental Policies

The protection and preservation of the environment which includes marine resources, wildlife, environmental elements (water, air and land) and other areas of the surrounding. All environmental policies are in line with our Integrated Management System, ISO standards and local environmental laws and regulations.

Pollution Policies

To prevent pollution within the scope of the organisation’s activities and services. To create a safe space for both the workplace and surrounding environment.

Internal and External Issues

Monitor and review internal and external issues related to policies, workplace, operations and other aspects of the company. Each issue is met with an appropriate solution.

Training and Assessment

All personnel are thoroughly trained to ensure they understand the requirements of FCMS and its valued clients. They will enforce and maintain our QHSE requirements. As part of our safety programme we provide job safe practice (JSP) to all our employees according to their skill and division. Complete and active participation is required by everyone on a daily basis for all jobs.

Testing and Delivery Standards

Thorough testing and final checks are carried out on all activities prior to delivery to measure the properties and performance of our products and services. All our delivery processes ensure safety and timely delivery from our workshop to the destination outlined by the client.

Equipment and Technology

Client Satisfaction

Understanding the needs and expectations of our clients to ensure their requirements are met with the utmost satisfaction. Compliance with the requirement of all interested parties.

Risk Prevention Activities

Incorporate a risk management plan to address potential risks and help prevent unnecessary or foreseeable risks from occurring. Determine strategies, use of best practices and include measurable goals for reducing all type of risks.

Policy Improvement

Regular review and evaluation of IMS policies carried out by the management team to measure and improve our policies and their standards. Modifications and the introduction of new policies are made where deemed appropriate.

Laws and Regulations

Compliance of statutory and regulatory obligations for all activities and operations.

Management Review and Support

Policies are periodically reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organization. To provide support in all aspects of the organization and for the QHSE policies. To monitor the participation and improvement of QHSE measures.