FCMS recognises the importance of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) policies as they are an integral part of all our operations. We are determined to be acknowledged as a leader in QHSE performance within our engineering sector as we achieve continous, sustainable improvements.

  • Quality

    We deliver products and services that meet the quality requirements of both FCMS and our clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner achievable.

  • Health & Safety

    We are committed to a strong and healthy environmental safety programme that protects our staff, property and the public from any incidents.

  • Environment

    We conduct our operations with respect and care for both the local and global environment by eliminating pollution and optimising the consumption of energy and resources.


FCMS is committeed to provide its customers with products and services which are best suited for their inteded purposes and which conform to the specified quality and requirements relating to these products.

Prime Objective

Our main quality policy is to deliver products and services that fulfill the quality requirements of both FCMS and our clients. We are highly dedicated in achieving such results through our well-experienced and trained staff, vast range of resources available and deep industry knowledge.

Quality Assurance

Our management is committed to maintaining an effective quality assurance system in our establishment that is planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions. Determination of conformance of work to contract requirements is verified on the basis of objective evidence of quality.

Quality Control

The quality control manager is authorised by the managing director to audit the quality assurance system, record variances in the quality system, issue non-conformity reports and recommend corrective and preventive measures. He is also authorised to take the appropriate action if any violations are noticed.

Quality Training

All personnel are thoroughly trained to ensure they understand the quality requirements of FCMS and its valued clients. They will ensure the quality requirements of both FCMS and its clients are maintained and implemented, by the adherence to approved procedures and work instructions, where applicable.

Continous Improvement

All personnel are actively encouraged to seek and identify areas for improvement as part of our commitment to continuous and sustainable improvement. We are highly committed to excellence and maintaing our position as a leading mechanical engineering company in Bahrain.

Diverse Specialisations

The nature of the company and its diverse services (visit here) places a particular emphasis upon experience, expertise, capability, reliability and quality.

Health & Safety

Our main objective is to provide a workplace that protects each employee and the environment. We recognise the importance of industrial safety as an integral part of production and the well-being of our employees. The safety programme is thoroughly practised by all employees across all divisions of our company.

Procedures & Training

Complete and active participation by everyone, everyday and in every job necessary to meet our safety standards. All personnel are educated in all methods of safety procedures. As part of our safety programme we are giving job safe practice (JSP) to all our employees according to their skill and division. Monthly training on JSP is carried out and recorded.

Management Support

Provides supports for the co-ordination of safety among all workers on the job site. The management also supports the participation and improvement of safety measures for all employees through proper equipment and training.

Rules and regulations

The company undertakes to conform to Kingdom of Bahrain laws and regulations and that of any company upon whose premises work is undertaken or who contract work to FCMS.


All levels of supervisory staff are responsibilie and accountable for mainintaing the procedures and standards for out health and safety measures. They ensure all site operations are run safely and efficiently. The supervisory staff have recieved thorough training and are well aware of their responsibilities.

Safety Program

Site activity supervisors shall ensure that safety is included in work planning and that all employees follow our strict safety practises during daily work operations. The safety manager in cooperation with line supervision will determine training needs. This safety program will be audited by the safety manager to ensue compliance on all sites. The company designates key site personnel to implement, monitor and review its safety procedures and it is emphasied that all employees are aware of their responsibilities in maintaining high standard of safety.


We all have a role to play in reducing our impact on the environment. This means taking care of our local surroundings as well as understanding our effects on the global environment.

  • Identify environmental impacts that arise from our business.
  • Seek continual improvement in our environmental performance at all levels.
  • Endeavour to prevent pollution.
  • Monthly environmental awareness programmes to all employees.
    • Safe disposal of hazardous waste.
    • Optimise the consuption of energy and resources.
    • Conform to all environmental laws and regulations of Bahrain.
    • Establish key environmental objectives on a local and global scale.